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Sentencing for Medford Cancer Scammer Monday

Sentencing for Medford Cancer Scammer Monday

Hauppauge (WALK) - A young woman who pretended to have cancer so she could solicit money to spend on heroin will be sentenced Monday.

Brittany Ozarowky (photo), 22, of Medford pleaded guilty last Monday to all 24 counts against her, including grand, larceny last week. In exchange for her plea, a judge promised not to give her any jail time, but she will spend two years in drugs-treatment (one year as an in-patient) and serve one year of community service.  She is also expected to pay restitution to her victims. Prosecutors had asked that she be given a prison sentence of up to 7 years.

Ozarowsky raked in approximately $10,000 from donation jars left on the counters of at least 25 local shops, a Facebook page, and fundraising events she manipulated sympathetic victims to hold for her benefit.

Prosecutors say Ozarowsky told differing versions of her cancer scam, as she conned people into believing she had brain, bone, ovarian or stomach cancer. She posted a picture of herself in a wheelchair on her Facebook page and wrote of severe injuries suffered in a car crash in 2011. Prosecutors say she was high on drugs when she crashed.

Not only strangers were scammed: Authorities say Ozarowsky convinced her own grandmother to use the proceeds of a recent house sale, $100,000, for her bogus cancer treatments, and conned her father into depleting his retirement account to help her.

When her term in drug treatment is completed, Ozarowsky will serve one year probation and perform community service, according to the plea deal. If she fails treatment or violates probation, she will be sent to prison for up to 4 years, according to prosecutors.

Photo: Suffolk District Attorney


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