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SCPD Acquires Military-Grade Off-Road Vehicles

SCPD Acquires Military-Grade Off-Road Vehicles

Yaphank - (WALK) Six Humvees, the large and sturdy off-road vehicles which made their reputation during the Persian Gulf War of the '90s, will soon be patrolling Suffolk County during snowstorms, hurricanes and other extreme conditions.

The basic HMMWV (Humvee) is equipped with a large and powerful 6.5 Ltr. diesel motor, and is used under extreme conditions by U.S. forces around the world.  Suffolk police officers will be trained to properly operate the Humvees to best effect in all sorts of potential emergencies, including natural disasters.

The Humvees were purchased at a reduced price as surplus from the federal government and more may be purchased later this year, according to county officials.

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