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PSEG Reconsiders Power Plant for LI?

Yaphank (WALK) - There's a report this morning that plans to build another power plant on Long Island have been dropped.

PSEG has reportedly reversed course on Caithness II, a facility that was slated to be built off Sills Road in Yaphank, right next to the existing Caithness Energy Center. Sources tell the media that a review by PSEG finds Long Island already has enough energy generating capacity to meet the needs of residents for at least the next five years.

This is a very different conclusion from the one reached previously by LIPA. LIPA set the Caithness II project in motion last year after determining that the Island would face an energy shortfall in the near future if a new plant wasn't built.

LIPA had not signed a contract yet with Caithness, but the Caithness II project was granted a special use permit last month by the Brookhaven Town Board. The existing Caithness Energy Center went online in 2009 and was the first major power plant to be built on Long Island in over thirty years.

PSEG took over management of Long Island's electric grid this year.

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