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Feds Reject Petition to Reopen Flight 800 Case

Washington, D.C. - (WALK) It's "case closed" at the NTSB concerning TWA Flight 800.

The National Transportation Safety Board rejected a petition to reopen an investigation into the air disaster filed by private parties who are convinced the flight from New York to Paris was the target of a missile strike on July 17 1996, killing all 230 aboard.

The petition was filed with the NTSB in June 2013. The petitioners, collectively known as the TWA Project, submitted radar information and statements by alleged witness who claimed to see streaks of light in the sky before the aircraft exploded at about 8:30 p.m., nearly 18 years ago.

A team of NTSB investigators not associated with the bureau's original Flight 800 report examined the petitioner's evidence and concluded it does not merit reopening the case.

According to a statement Thursday the NTSB confirmed the findings of prior investigators filed 16 months after the catastrophe: there is no evidence of criminality nor a missile strike, and the Boeing 747 was destroyed in a manner "consistent with an in-flight breakup started by a fuel-air explosion."

A monument to the victims, from among 13 nations, is located at Smith Point County Park in Shirley.

Photo: NTSB


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