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Feds: Alcohol Restriction Now in Effect on Fire Island

Washingto, D.C. - (WALK) Attention Weekend Party People: A portion of Fire Island is now a booze-free zone, according to federal officials, and the Town of Amagansett will outlaw alcohol along a stretch of Indian Wells Beach Saturday.

A ban on alcohol consumption took effect on AUGUST 1 on Fire Island beaches between the communities of Atlantique and Coneille Estates/Summer Club, including the Town of Islip community of Robbins Rest, said U.S. Parks officials.

Authorities say the new law will keep Town and Federal alcohol regulations consistent.  Lawbreakers will face fines of $200, and a $25 processing fee.

In Amagansett, a partial ban on alcohol begins Saturday along a 2,000 stretch of Indian Wells beach.  The ban is in effect when life guards are on the job, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, according to officials.

The East Hampton Town Board approved the measure unanimously at its meeting July 17 in response to complaints of rude and rowdy drunken behavior.

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